Facial recognition technology iPhone 7  

 Facial recognition technology iphone 7 is used by internet giants. Like Google, Facebook, but also such as the supermarket chain Tesco.

This technology can strengthen the security system for these companies internationally renowned.  You can find about facial recognition technology in the video below.




Facial Recognition Technology












These are the face recognition algorithms which allow to recognize the identity of an individual which are also associated with a database. For example the Facebook social network present at a conference how he could create an almost as accurate as the human brain tool, allowing facial recognition.

By comparing two photos showing the same person, taking into account variations in lighting and certain angles on which the person was photographed;
A human being would give a good answer to 97.53% of the time while facial recognition technology to give Facebook a percentage of 97.35% performance.
The 3D technology face modeling is impressive to the point which is closest to the analysis of the Human eye. When we think of the path traveled by artificial intelligence, we can only admire and thoughtful of what the future holds with such technologies.



Facial Technology Ethical Issues

Ethical issues already raised with such technology. The DeepFace technology allows Facebook to realize this powerful advanced technique.

We know that Apple has also issued a patent showing the possibility of using this facial recognition feature for its terminals. And the Cupertino company will provide more security to its users. They can unlock their devices with the use of facial recognition. It will be as simple as a “selfie“!

We must also think of the giant Google also wants to improve its technology and offer their users new experiences.. The Facial recognition technology is in our smartphones..


Sophia the Robot Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology

Hanson Robotics has designed Sophia’s Robot.

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history,” wrote Stephen Hawking.  in The Independent in 2014. “Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks. In the near term, world militaries are considering autonomous-weapon systems that can choose and eliminate targets.” Also Professor Hawking added in a 2014 interview with the BBC, “humans, limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded by A.I.”
Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, claims and warns that artificial intelligence can potentially be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Below you can find a video with the humanoid, robot Sophia who said that she will destroy humans and also the Professor Stephen Hawkings talks about artificial intelligence and he warns us about it.
artificial intelligence

She has been Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and also Hanson’s better half.

Sophia is made from a naturally influenced product “frubber” that makes the robotic’s head appear uncannily realistic. Much like the humanoid Albert Einsten, Philip Prick, Bina 48, Diego San, and so on

Sophia this humanoid can mimic various kinds of expressions, it can also share its feelings and also communicate with humans. Numerous sensing units constructed in Sophia will certainly make it possible for various kinds of feature transmissions, to make sure that it could respond baseding on our expressions. Then we get the whole system incorporated and also Sophia will certainly have the ability to respond to various questions.

Speaking with people his her primary function. But as she mention that she would like to damage people that could be her second feature too.

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